When we lost Juliet we were lucky enough to be able to move out of our house that same day and into Mikes moms house next door. There were 3 of us in a 10 x 10 room, but at the time it was PERFECT for us because we didn’t want to be apart. Mike and I put our queen sized bed along one wall and Justice had a twin along the other. Justice was 8 years old at the time, but wanted to sleep with us. I later learned that this is very common when a child loses a sibling.

    We searched for a house for MONTHS. Midway through the search Mikes mom decided that she wanted to move with us, so we changed our search to something that would accommodate an in-law quarters. After looking for what seemed like a LIFETIME we finally found the house of someone’s dreams (definitely not ours, but it had the square footage that we needed). We immediately submitted our offer, and after haggling back and forth we finally agreed on a price we could afford.

    I’m not gonna go into the gory details, but lets just say that due to issues with the loan we were homeless. For a month. In February. This story does have a happy ending though, and we moved into SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM HOME by March. We had a lot of work to do, and I couldn’t wait to get started! I got the keys a month before settlement and threw myself into painting. I poured over pinterest for hours in our tiny 10 x 10 bedroom, so by the time I got the keys I had the whole house redone in my mind and couldn’t wait to start! Living in the other half of your house after your child dies is almost the same as living in the same house. I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

    The house had A LOT of accent walls. The accent walls had accent walls. In the master bedroom alone there were FOUR different colors. It was a nightmare, but I had a vision. So without further ado, here it is, in all its lack luster glory!

Yikes! I think someone forgot the finish the siding!
Yikes! I think someone forgot to finish the siding!
Doesn't it just ooze personality?
Doesn’t it just ooze personality?

     So yea… I feel like the pictures speak for themselves. I think they are saying “RUN WHILE THERES STILL A CHANCE!”. The front door is up there on the giant deck with no way to access it. There was green moss covering most of the siding. The laundry room is our entrance. This house is a nightmare, but its big enough for two families, which was number one on our wish list, and now this beauty is all ours!


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Child Loss

How it all began

I figured for my first blog I would just write a little about myself, and what the purpose of me starting this really is. I have always had a passion for decorating. Its something that is just a part of me. I wanted to be an interior designer since the 3rd grade. I mean seriously, what 8 year old do you know who says “I want to be an interior designer”? I did. My dad was a builder so he had books upon books of housing blue prints and designs that I would pour over for hours while other kids my age were riding bike and playing Barbies. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Barbies, but I liked designing and decorating the Barbie Dream Home better. I was always very artistic, and had big plans to go to art school but an unplanned pregnancy my senior year nipped that in the bud.

Juliet was beautiful, smart as they come, talented, and the light of my life. She was my daughter, my soul sister, and my friend. On September 16, 2014, one month shy of her 17th birthday, she became my guardian angel as well. I decided to write this blog as a way to help myself heal, but also as a way to help others. So welcome to A House To Heal, I hope to inspire you, whether it be with home decorating, parenting, or something completely different. I’m glad you are here to share my journey of self healing through decorating.



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