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Welcome to my Other Living Room…


Welcome to my other living room! This one is where we spend the most time (its where the TV is). This room is about to get a very special update that I will be starting next week, and I can’t wait to show you. Seriously, I’m soooo excited!

This living room was a tragedy just like the rest of the house when we moved in. Here are the pictures from the listing:

There’s those fancy drapes again. The previous owner was nice enough to leave them for us…. I couldn’t rip them down fast enough. I’m pretty sure they had been hanging there since the age of the dinosaur, because they came down in a giant cloud of dust. I spit and sputtered, and coughed out some dust balls.

I painted, repainted, and painted again until I was finally happy with the colors. This gigantical clock I bought from Home Decorators…

Let me tell you more about that….When Juliet died I packed up all our stuff and we moved into Mikes moms house. We put all our stuff in storage for five months until we bought this house. So I don’t know about you, but I’m a secret shopper. What I mean by “secret shopper” is that I buy things and hide them so The Honey doesn’t get mad.

I bought the clock online but it was so BIG that there was no where for me to hide it. So I asked my friend Melissa if I could have it shipped to her house, and when I moved she could give it to me and we would pretend that it was my “housewarming gift” from her. So that’s exactly what we did.

My friend Marie told me that her mom’s best friend used to hide stuff in her bushes so her husband couldn’t find it. My friends Lauren knows a woman who hides it in the closet for a few months so that when her husband asks where it came from she can say “Oh! This old thing? I’ve had this for months!” Some women hide it in the bushes, the closet, some in the trunk, some in the attic, the shed, the basement, you name it!

So with us staying with The Honeys mom I no longer had a hiding spot for things I wanted to buy.

Until I remembered the storage unit.

We had a 10×20 storage unit I could hide all my treasures in, and it was only a mile away from all my FAVORITE stores! I shopped my little heart out for those 5 months…. piling bag after bag into the storage unit. I filled inch after inch, piling things higher and higher. The THRILL! The EXCITEMENT! That is until moving day when my mountain of bags all came crashing down. On The Honey.

Lucky for me I wasn’t there, so by the time he got all the stuff I had collected packed in the moving truck and brought to the house he had calmed down. “There sure was a lot more stuff in there than what I remember.”

“Yup!” I said, and ran away to escape unpack.

As you can see I ripped up the carpets and put in these beautiful Pergo floors from Home Depot. This pretty vase was a HomeGoods score I found on a road trip to Philly.

I added bead board under this little area to make it pretty.

Ok let’s talk about my LOVE of throw pillows. I like to think of myself as a throw pillow hoarder collector. My sofas are like adult ball pits, minus the boogers, half eaten candy, and occasional wayward turd. Sometimes I like to dive onto my couch and bury myself in beautiful, soft, textured pillows, and I squeal with delight as I roll around (only when no one else is home).

 (P.S. I love faux fur)

There you have it! what do you think? Do you hide your shopping like I do? Are you obsessed with throw pillows…Or maybe something else? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Marie

    My favorite room in the house. The family room. I just wish Mason was allowed to get up on that couch and snuggle with me.

    10 . 02 . 2017

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