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I have been working so hard to update my living room this past week. Some of you may have seen the sneak peaks I posted on Instagram. I’m happy to say that it’s finally finished!

My living room has gone through several different phases over the past 2 years, but I can say that I have it exactly how I want it, and I’m in love! I have included affiliate links for your shopping convenience. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

So anyhoo when we moved in to someone else’s dream home the living room was white with beige carpet and as boring as it gets… here’s some pictures from the listing.

I know what your thinking…. “I love that living room, why did she change it? And where can I purchase those lovely drapes?”


No one is thinking that. What you are really thinking is “My grandmothers place is homier than that.” or “It looks like a retirement home threw up in that living room.”

Not me though.

I saw potential. I saw my dream living room with huge windows and lots of natural light. I had visions of blue grey walls and white furniture dancing in my head. I had BIG plans and very little cash.

There are 2 living rooms in our house, and we only had enough furniture for one. This wasn’t the one. I already had the paint color picked out for this room before we even moved in. Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams. It was the perfect blue/green/grey, and I couldn’t wait to get some color on the stark walls.

My beautiful, amazing, wonderful mom came over and helped me paint, which made it go much faster, and it was such a fun day for us to spend together. About a week later I bought a white Ikea sofa at a yard sale, got a white chair and ottoman from Goodwill, and a wood coffee table off Craigslist. My mom and I went to Ikea and she bought me a bookshelf I had my eye on as a housewarming gift (thanks mom!) Here’s some pics I took with my iPhone of the finished product.

What you don’t know is that the blanket is covering where I ripped the arm of the slip cover off trying to put it back on…

I remember when I first posted these pics to Facebook I thought they were the bees knees. Seriously, I thought they were super good pics. Haha. Anyway I loved my pretty white furniture, and so did my pets. My little yorkie named Pookie would lay on the back of the chair and leave hair all over it. My cat Killer laid on the sofa and left hair and cat litter paw prints across the white furniture (GROSS!), and my dog mason thought the chair was his giant personal dog bed. Just to prove it I dug up this pic of Pookie and Mason shedding and slobbering all over my white chair:

Bad dogs

  Now I know some people love to have Ikea slip covered furniture cause you can just wash it, but for me- it wasn’t working…. so I sold it.

It happened to be PERFECT timing because it was right around the time we decided to rip up the boring beige carpet and put in our new Pergo floors. Putting the floors in was such a labor of love….minus the “love” part. It was actually hate. I hated it.  Like dispise with all my being. As soon as we were done, we were itching to have furniture in there, so we went out and bought a brand spanking new chair and couch from Ashley furniture!

Not to toot my own horn but seriously guys, how stinking pretty is that!?

Does anyone else have Nerf darts everywhere? It never ceases to amaze me where I find these things sometimes.

Animals beware: Do not climb, sit, or lay on this furniture or risk being shot…..with a dart….Maybe that’s where it came from? Just kidding. Or am I?

This is my favorite little corner right here. The pillow is a Goodwill find, the blanket is from a consignment shop, but you can buy the same one here. The faux fiddle leaf fig tree (I bet you can’t say that 10x fast) is from Michael’s…..but there’s a story.

I had been dreaming (obsessing) over these on Pinterest and Instagram for AGES (actually days….it was days). I convinced the Honey to take me to HomeGoods so I could look for one, but they didn’t have any and the cheapest one I found online was well over $100. Would I pay that much for a faux plant? The answer, sadly, was yes. Would the Honey not speak to me for days if I spent over $100 on a plant that wasn’t even real? The answer to that, sadly, was yes.



I started Googling my life away to no avail. I then took to Pinterest which wasn’t much help either. Finally I went on Instagram #fiddleleaf and I commented on everyone I saw that I liked asking where they got it. Robyn from Robyns Southern Nest told me that she had just bought hers that weekend on sale at Michaels for $49! Well that was music to my little ears so I called Michaels right away. A young girl answered and told me they didn’t have any. I was so disappointed that I called back 5 hours later and asked someone else. This time the lady told me that they just got a bunch of faux plants in. She put me on hold for about an hour (give or take). When she finally came back she told me they didn’t have any. I refused to take “no” for an answer so I immediately drove to Michaels to look for myself because what did they know.

I drove super fast of course because I was on a mission, and no one was going to slow me down. I power walked rather than ran into the store as to not draw too much attention, or look like the crazy person that I most definitely was. I Made a beeline for the faux greenery, a cold sweat dripping from my brow. My demeanor was focused, and I gave an employee the stink eye as I flew past the registers in a blur.

I got to the aisle in the blink of an eye, and there she was……. In all her glory. She was the only one, and had a price tag of $99, but I knew the Michaels website had a 50% off coupon, so I grabbed my precious and headed towards the register.

I stood in line with a smile from ear to ear. The women behind me were dripping with envy as they glance from me to my fiddle leaf and back to me again. I tightened my grip and threw it up on the counter. Victory was mine. Take that ladies.

The throw pillows are from Target, the table is a Craigslist find that I drove an hour and a half to get (there is no limits to what I will do for the sake of a design), and the rug I got on Amazon right here for super duper cheap.

That’s all she wrote! What do you think?



  1. Marie coopEr

    PIcked up the dart for you yesterday and threw it in justices room. I saw it laying under the chair. Love the BLUE throw. Blue is the new you.

    31 . 01 . 2017
    • Rachael B

      Blue is the new me marie!

      08 . 02 . 2017
  2. Amy

    Love your color scheme and decorating style!!!

    02 . 02 . 2017
    • Rachael B

      Thanks Amy!

      08 . 02 . 2017
  3. Jan iannone

    You are hilarious! You sound so much like me in the “crazy about design” department. My favorite comment in this entry was challenge accepted! I laughed out loud reading it and the hubs was a king me what was so funny! You rock!

    08 . 02 . 2017
    • Rachael B

      Thanks so much Jan! Life is crazy sometimes and you gotta just roll with the punches! Glad I could make you laugh 🙂

      08 . 02 . 2017

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