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5 Ways to Decorate with Crystals


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I Love to decorate with crystals!

When I was in school studying to be an esthetician we took a class on crystal therapy and I was instantly intrigued! When I was a kid I love collecting stones and polishing them in my tumbler, so when I found out that each different stone had its own healing vibration, I was immediately excited…. i couldn’t wait to learn more!

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and instantly felt happy, or at peace? That’s because their house had good energy! Your house should be a place of healing, nurture, and most of all- a place that brings you joy.

A great way to help improve the positive energy in your house is by decorating with crystals!

                                                           decorate with crystals

Different color stones do different things. A few of my favorites are:

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Rose quartz is a beautiful light pink stone the color of rose petals. It promotes self love, restores confidence, and balances emotions.

Crystal quartz is clear and beautiful. It gives you energy and recharges any other crystal around it. It is the ultimate healing crystal.

Amethyst is anywhere from lavender to dark purple in color. It neutralizes negative energy, balances emotions, and aids in decision making.

There are soooo many more, but these are my 3 favorite! How can you incorporate them into your house? I will show you!

One thing I have in my office is just a small bowl of stones on a little table. Whenever I have clients over they cant help but pick up the stones…It is believed that you are attracted to the stones that you need in your life at the time. Here are some examples:

Aren’t they all just gorgeous! So easy to incorporate into any room of the house! You could set a dish on the bathroom sink, on an end table, by the bed, in the window, you name it!

Another way to add crystals to your room is with candles…


I love agate slices with little tea lights in them… I have several around my house.

Here’s a pretty display…This entryway table is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s glamorous and dreamy, I could seriously stand there looking at it all day!

End tables are a great place to create a little positive energy vignette, just like this one here that is absolutely stunning…. These crystal towers are called wands, or obelisks. I love the mix of whites and golds.

On my night stand I have Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp like this one that you can buy here.


Pink Salt Lamps clean the air in the room by producing negative ions which reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. It improves your mood, concentration, helps you sleep, treats seasonal depression, and improves blood flow to the brain. Who wouldn’t want one in every room! I Absolutely love mine…..it makes me smile whenever I look at it. I hope I’ve given you some good ideas as to how to incorporate crystals into your life! Happy healing!


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