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Amazing Dining Room Transformation!


 The dining room is LITERALLY the only room of the house that is finished… but lets be SERIOUS, is any room ever REALLY done? I painted, redid the floors, and changed out the lighting. Some day I would LOVE to add wainscoting and crown moulding, as well as get a pretty area rug, and a new dining table. The table we have now is just too wide, and you have to shimmy past it. Now I’m not one to complain (I love watching Mike do the shimmy), but its just not practical.

Here is the dining room before (this pic is from the listing)

LOOK at that WOOD! Its everywhere! It looks like a forest threw up in my dining room! They even bought the matching curtains! Just looking at it makes me shake my head. While this ensemble may work for some people, it DEFINATELY wasn’t working for me!  The wall to the right is a tan accent wall, you can read more about my love (insert sarcasm) for accent walls here.

To start I painted the walls Mindful Grey by Sherwin Williams. I think its a perfect grey, not to warm, not too cool

 Goodbye accent wall! One down 5,697,846 to go! Next I changed out the lighting, because lets be honest, that builders grade light is NOT doing anything for the space! I searched and searched, and I finally found the most amazing light…. The kind of light dreams are made of. You know in the movies when the heavens open up and the angels all sing in chorus? When I found this light that’s what happened. The best part was that it was UNDER $100!!!


Look at it GLOW!

It took about an hour to install and assemble. I love the way the light shines through the crystals. I get SOOOO many compliments on it, and when we first put it in I had to have it on at all times. Mike put it on a dimmer switch which I absolutely love! This chandelier looks like a spent A TON of money on it (but I didn’t). You can buy yours here.

Lastly it was time to do the floors (which is a whole other post in itself). After a long hard battle (that included tears), we finally agreed on floors from PERGO. The color we chose was Riverbend Oak. I am obsessed with these floors! They are a wide plank laminate that looks just like barn wood! I love the look of grey floors, but its a trend, and just like all trends it wont look good forever. I love these floors because they are a warm color with grey veining. They are GORGEOUS! Anyway I will go into all the details about it in a later post. Here is a pic of the final product..

What do you think of my dining room transformation? Are you considering a transformation of your own? If so I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Adrienne Gillespie

    I am looking forward to following your words and healing journey. .

    16 . 01 . 2017

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